Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Let me think, I guess this is the 21days we're having SPM examination. Well, everyone can't wait to end this struggle and starting up their HOLIDAYS year. And there is me, full with nervous-system around me because there were so much frustrated things happen since the first exam start. My family is the source of my headache to think and over the day. Boyfriend? Oh no no! theres no way I want to dicuss about that over here because that also give me so much burden to think and yeap really worst. All day long I cannot focus studying because I felt so L-a-z-y. Thats quite stupid to think about, coz I'm the one who're having examination here. Hello! liza please wake up please. Maybe I'll never know the meaning of every fight thats going on while I'm still student.

All my days full with smile when my friends are all around me thats making me think how much lucky I am to have so many great friends from realities, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter yada yada yada. Well, no sunshine without them :) I love you all. You all are the source of my happiness. But, there's some problem amongs my friends.My bestfriend thats also named as Gee & Cha are my angel. I love you guys ;) its bothering me if one of them having problem on their life.



  1. goodluck ye dik..hope result akan ok..study smart and be strong^^

  2. Thanks sis ezyra ;) I hope it will, thanks for supporting.. Amin


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